Olaf Smits

For almost 20 years, I have been in consultancy and in-house transfer pricing and tax roles. Currently, I am co-founder and transfer pricing partner with Ectacon.

Because I make complex matters simple, my results are easy and understandable by presenting in simple pictures and clear wordings. I have demonstrated this successfully in multiple projects in amongst others transfer pricing policy setting, transfer pricing documentation, litigations and advanced pricing agreements in the Netherlands and abroad.

I like what I do and show this with passion and enthusiasm. In collaborations I look for personal connections in combination with a feeling for what is going on, rather than going for quick solutions. It is my aspiration to be seen as a trusted advisor in transfer pricing, strategic and other matters. I perform projects for clients in a variety of industries, ranging from start-ups, family businesses, multinationals to advisory firms.

Recently I have been trained in mediation and alternative dispute resolution. I will use my communication and mediation skills in my daily transfer pricing practice, as well as in business and tax mediations and alternative dispute resolutions.

I am looking forward meeting you and see where we can help each other.